Pattern Completion

06.07.12 PATTERN COMPLETION: Presentation at Ideas Matter Sphere, cross-disciplinary discussion forum, London.

"...These topological views capture natural patterns in the forests and represent events that take place alongside them. The sequences record one-point perspectives, using pathways and clearings to compose images that direct the viewers’ attention and focus their gaze on the narrative potential of the scene."

"...The plasticity of the installation echoes both the temporal instantiation of memory patterns within the synapses in the brain, and the ephemeral and fleeting nature of our memories."

Download PDF of Hugo's presentation here. Download PDF of Tom and Michaela's presentation here.
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22.05.2010 MAKING MEMORIES In Conversation event at Gimpel Fils, London
Including presentations by Michaela Nettell, Tom Simmons, Dr Hugo Spiers, Helen Maurer, Dr Peg Rawes and Andrew McDonnell:

"... it's almost like a slow animation the way they come together and change and shift and start creating something. It feels like trying to remember something, the process of making - trying things out and seeing what happens..." [HM]

"... Bergson is interested in is the construction of the body as a result of these relationships to memory and image. And he talks about this in terms of the notion of the body-image, so he constructs the concept of the body out of these experiences. And one thing I think is interesting about the sound images and obviously the visual images in the installation is that they are both embodied and disembodied. There is both a reality there and also a simulation of reality..." [PR]

"...Another poet I want to read from is W S Graham, and there's a sense of an oubliette. I was thinking about the hippocampus earlier and the sense that there's almost this memory prism sometimes, there's a danger of being trapped within that and what that means..." [AM]

Read full transcript here.

17.05.2010 PATTERN COMPLETION Presentation at the TESLA art-science discussion forum, University College London. Download PDF.

08.04.2009 PATTERN COMPLETION Presentation at the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience, University College London. Download PDF.